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Safe housing and supportive services where women can recover from the trauma of sexual exploitation.

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The Problem

Over 2,000,000 people are trafficked each year.

40% of victims of trafficking were recruited by immediate family members.

$290 million spent annually on sex trafficking in Atlanta, GA.

Survivors of sex trafficking suffer from severe physical, emotional, and mental health challenges.

Currently, there is a shortage of safe housing and supportive services for trafficked victims.

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What we do

While tremendous efforts have been made to raise awareness and eradicate modern-day sex trafficking, there remains a major shortage of supportive services designed for survivors. Our focus is to serve the survivors struggling to recover from the years, or even decades, of trauma they have endured.

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Melissa has come a long way since she first arrived at House of Cherith. After struggling with addiction, she felt defeated, alone and unworthy of what life had to offer. But through her work with House of Cherith, Melissa has shed her old skin. With newfound confidence and a fresh perspective on life, she now works to make sure guests at House of Cherith feel comfortable enough to make strides in their own lives. Like a rose from concrete, Melissa has beat the odds.

"HOC gave me the courage to step out and become a successful, productive member of society. When I walked onto this property for the first time I didn't believe in me. Today, I love me and I know I'm worthy - worthy of the best this life has to offer. There is no goal too big and nothing is impossible anymore. This is how House of Cherith has and continues to impact my life."



Victims are often times hidden away, but it is possible that you will encounter individuals or situations of concern. Knowing how to accurately ‘spot the signs’ has the power to save lives.

The recognition of the signs outlined in this eBook may point to the need for referrals and further assessment. If you have any suspicions about human trafficking in your area, you should report it. The tips and resources outlined in this short document will help you to further understand and fight against this form of modern day slavery.

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